The seeds for Wanderlust Tents LLC were planted when two travel addicts launched their first business with a 1970 VW bus and a full stock of organic coffee beans.

They toured with The Grateful Dead and Phish, keeping music lovers caffeinated and falling deeper in love with the roaming lifestyle. 

Over the next two decades they continued their life on the road, vending at fairs and festivals and wandering the globe in between events. After retiring their VW (RIP Mariposa) to a quiet life in the country, they 

began searching for the perfect vehicle for their journeys. They covered over 100,000 miles of highway in a ’76 Dodge Turtle Top camper van, towed travel-trailers and converted Ford Econolines into micro-apartments. 

When starting design plans for a full size pop-up camper van they discovered roof top tents and fell in love with the idea that virtually any vehicle with a roof rack could be transformed into the ultimate road-trip machine. They knew right away they had to get this product into as many lives as possible. 

Carean and Jeremy Johnston founded Wanderlust Tents LLC as a way of encouraging others to get out and explore, to take exciting adventures where they will see new places, meet new people and then bring that newfound inspiration back into their daily lives. 

They can be found cruising the country, hiking and exploring with their dog Loki, jamming out at music festivals and taking long naps on warm beaches. Meet them at a campsite or event near you.